Product & Service

Blockchain-based green finance service platform

Carbon Chain

Blockchain-based carbon assets
development and management platform

ABS Cloud Platform

Blockchain-based ABS process
development and management platform

Global Partner

Create new green finance ecology with our partners

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About Energy Blockchain Lab

We assure a just transition to an economy that is low-carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive

Energy Blockchain Lab is dedicated to facilitating the green economy revolution via fintech tools. We are developing a specialized green finance distributed ledger and providing a range of enterprise blockchain apps for the energy and environment industry, including green certification and green finance services, with our global partners. The lab was co-founded by a number of pioneers from energy, finance and IT industry in early 2016. Energy Blockchain Lab is the only member of the Hyperledger Project that is from energy and green finance sectors and also the only green fintech company in the China Green Finance Committee.

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